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TR CU Certificate

TR CU Certificate and Declaration
Technical Reglament Conformity Certificate.

Since 25 September 2010 new regulations came into force on certification equipment, production lines of various kinds, plants of various kinds. From 25 September for these types of product should not be issued more GOST-R, but a new certificate called " Certificate TR CU (Technical Reglament Conformity Certificate TRCU) " - certificate of approval from the technical requirements.

Certificate can be issued for the series production, valid for 5 years. IThe TR CU certification will gradually replace the GOST R Certification. A general Technical Regulation regards the safe operation and recycling of machinery and equipment; safety of buildings and safety of territories adjoining them; fire, biological, environmental, nuclear and radiation safety; electromagnetic compatibility (for instance: Technical Regulation on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Technical Regulation on Nuclear and Radiation Safety, etc).

The following types of products are subjected of mandatory hygienic certification:

Specific Technical Regulations are required for specific categories of products as well as processes related to manufacture, operation, storage, transportation, marketing and utilization (for instance: Technical Regulation on Milk and Dairy products, Technical Regulation on Juice Products from Fruits and Vegetables, etc).

If the product is not subject for Certification of Conformity for Technical Regulation, it may be subject for mandatory Declaration of Conformity.

GOST TR CU Certificate system is supervised by Rosstandart (Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology).

The product compliant with Technical Regulations should be marked by the registered TR CU sign (called Mark of Conformity), which clearly demonstrates to the consumer the product's compliance to the applicable Russian requirements.

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