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New technical requirements concerning the furniture production.

The new standard of quality (technical regulation on safety of furniture products), which was developed for the introduction of the Customs Union, was adopted June 15, 2012 and after public consultation shall take effect from 1 July 2014. Accordingly, after the introduction of these regulations, a declaration of conformity and certificate of conformity in the GOST R system will not be made out. Prior to this period the company may register the declaration in accordance with GOST.

Technical regulation on safety of furniture according to the decision the Board of ECE, issued a declaration of conformity and certificates for furniture will be in force on March 1, 2016. Next, the company engaged in the production or sale of the furniture in the Customs Union will be required to make a declaration of conformity to the new standard.

Solution development regulations were also approved the list of standards, which are subject to the manufacturer, implemented furniture products that will meet all the requirements of technical regulations for furniture. Also a list of standards that clearly reflected methods of control and test code of furniture was approved, including painted sampling procedure for certification testing. Consequently, it contains everything guidance for the application of requirements for assessing the quality furniture products. First of all, it should be noted that with the introduction of the new regulations, children's furniture and furniture for schools and pre-schools will again be a subject of the mandatory certification. Recall that now all kinds of furniture products are subject only to compliance declaration.

If the furniture is equipped with built-in electric lighting devices, appliances and electric, then the level of electrical safety must be confirmed in accordance with the procedure provided for this product.

Also change the order and labeling of furniture products, which will be received declarations or certificates of compliance. Now mark with matching furniture GOST R system provided for the declared goods, and for registration of the declaration of the customs union, the product must be marked with a mark of products on the market of the Customs Union (EAC).

Also the requirements on service life of finished products was changed. For example, the manufacturer must ensure the safety of products for life by the manufacturer, but for the life of household furniture must be at least 10 years. Technical regulations shall not apply to antique furniture, showpieces and furniture, second hand furniture.

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