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  1. Russian ministry expects to complete WTO talks by yr-end.
  2. Russia will have to gradually raise the retirement age to 65 years, Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Shatalov said
  3. Putin: activities of foreign bank branches in Russia should today be restricted.
  4. Energy Resources - Russia to look for oil off Cuban coas.
  5. Technical Regulations About safety of food production.
  6. The important changes concerning the completing the Declaration of Conformity.
  7. Ekostandard regarding thermal insulation materials
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Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has become a member of United Russia.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has become a member of United Russia. He is expected to be nominated for chairmanship at a United Russia convention on May 26 according to the party's leadership.

Receiving his party membership card, he said that United Russia has no rivals on the political arena. "In my opinion, the party has all the means to maintain its leading positions in the long term," Medvedev noted. "It's a matter not only of the number of votes, but of capability to take responsibility for the country".

The premier believes that for the moment there is no other political force in Russia which could rule the country. Dmitry Medvedev has become the first Russian prime minister with party membership. At the end of May, then president-elect Vladimir Putin stepped down as the party's leader and proposed Dmitry Medvedev's candidacy in his place.

"The constitution does not ban the president from being a party member, but in our political life the president is a consolidating figure for all political forces and citizens of the country," Putin explained his decision.

Medvedev said back then that he would join the party as, in his opinion, its leader should be a member as well. Otherwise, he would be dishonest with the people he believes. The former leader of the party, Vladimir Putin was never a member, however.

Over 5,000 boys and girls clad in red ties and side caps flooded onto Red Square in Moscow to be accepted into the ranks of the Pioneer Communist Youth League.

Almost 90 years ago to the day, the Soviet scouting movement was created at the second All-Russian Komsomol Conference. Komsomol was the youth division of the Soviet communist party.

And while the original Pioneer youth organization of the Soviet Union has been defunct since 1991, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) has continued the tradition. The children who were sworn in on Sunday came both from Moscow and surrounding regions. CPFR secretary Yury Afonin says there were delegations from 30 different regions across the country, including Siberia and beyond, RIA Novosti reports.

Logistic and security concerns have limited the number of the movement's slowly building ranks, next year even more youths will be wrapping themselves in the red pioneer scarf. Despite a lack of state support, Afonsin believes the enthusiasm of today's generation of pioneers keeps the movement alive.

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